10 Best Website Builder Platforms for Online Stores in India

Social media platforms have transformed businesses by increasing exposure and interaction with customers today. However, a robust online presence can only come from having a reliable website that glues it all together. To access online opportunities you can choose to pay thousands of dollars or launch a website using a website builder platform.

If you have a small business, you can launch a customized website with a builder without experience in technology, a huge budget or time. A website builder will also allow you to boost your credibility and establish authority over competitors.

Besides, the revolutionary website builder platforms have enabled millions of small and medium-sized companies set up a professional looking website, reach customers globally and ultimately increase their profit margins. You can build your site through free builders or those that offer various payment plans.

Here are incredibly low-cost options with a massive range of features that you can implement in a short time and with a couple of simple actions to establish a robust online presence in India today.

1. Shopify

Shopify is a brilliant website builder with a massive selection of professional and eCommerce specific templates that enables you to create an online store for your business with an intuitive drag and drop interface. This platform is an excellent option for people looking for a free website builder for a robust online presence.

This web builder features a selection of high-quality templates that allows you to build an impressive professional site. If you’re a novice in website development, the platform will let you create an e-store easily and quickly. The website editor features remarkable flexibility and limitless options for people looking for a carefully crafted and customized online shop.

The freemium plan features no page limit and an SEO optimization function for people looking into publishing their website regularly and increasing their web traffic, making Shopify a suitable option for small businesses who want to test the rope.

Additionally, Shopify adopts responsively to mobile devices allowing your customers to interact with you from their smartphones and tablets making it an excellent option for local businesses who want to target local customers.

2. Webstarts

If you’re going to build your brand and conquer the world, we’d recommend Webstart web builder with a command of more than a million users globally. Webstarts is a free website builder that gives you the ability to build an online store or customized blog within a couple of minutes for anyone looking to get up a website up and running quickly. 

The free website builder features hundreds of external apps for integrating with an existing website making it an excellent option for mid-sized companies. In addition to this feature, you can incorporate Webstarts with various channels like Facebook, Instagram, Linkedin, and other social media platforms.

The platform is user-friendly with simple, intuitive features and 1GB free space that allow you to list ten products at no extra cost. Webstarts offer a competitive edge with sufficient data storage, and high-quality graphics and incredibly aggressive upsell tactics.

3. Jimdo

If you’re looking to reach out to customers who are using their mobile devices to shop, then Jimdo would be a perfect solution with an exceptional selection of free website templates. The templates are responsive meaning that anyone looking for your products will have a fantastic experience for an excellent first impression to potential customers.

This website builder features Home page SEO optimization for search engines at no extra cost. However, this feature is limited to the freemium version. Jimdo website builder for small businesses is easy to use and comes with a free downloadable mobile app version that permits you to access data without any knowledge around coding.

The website builder is a great place to start a blog or a small online shop with 500MB free space for the freemium plan and an unlimited number of pages created at no extra cost.

4. Webnode

Webnode website builder features a responsive design with stylish themes to suit your business needs. The platform is easy to use and known for a robust customer support system through live chat, email, and telephone. It also comes with good looking templates that allow you to personalize your website.

However, those looking for a free builder version of the Webnode website builder will face a significant drawback as it doesn’t offer free SEO optimization plan. Additionally, the platform has limited space of 100MB making it an excellent option for people looking for a simple website for online form submissions and phone calls.

5. Mozello

Mozello commands a massive presence with more than a million users globally today. This free plan website builder is the only free bilingual platform in the market that allows you to create a multilingual website so that you can reach potential customers. The web builder features easy to use features and reliable options for SEO for increased search engine ranking.

The web builder also features 500MB free storage and a drag and drop interface that allows you to drag and drop images, content, videos and more. The most significant value you’ll find when working on this platform is the way they place advertising links that potential customers will rarely notice making it an excellent choice for people looking to build a simple website at no extra cost without the nuisance of ads.

6. Weebly

Weebly is a famous web builder and well known with thousands of users that offers a remarkable experience making it the best premium plan available in the market today. The platform features a selection of themes that allow you to design a website that will help you to interact with your customers.

Weebly is a standard 500MB storage space and SEO settings for every page. In addition to this feature, you can create an unlimited number of pages on the free plan which is a nice addition to a freemium web builder. Besides, you can integrate your e-store on this builder and sell products efficiently.

Bottom Line

If you already know what your business objectives are, then you’ll be able to make a decision when choosing any of website builders for small business we’ve discussed here.

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