Why You Won’t Get Rich Blogging and How to Solve it

by Cristina Ansbjerg | Follow Cristina on Twitter

One day of mental clarity and adrenaline rush you decide you would stop reading blogs and finally take action. You’re starting your blog. 7214456962 5835297985 n Why You Wont Get Rich Blogging and How to Solve it

The idea had been on your mind for a while. You already know what topics you will talk about. You even have a great name, creative but simple. Maybe a word game. The techie part is not difficult. You install WordPress, you buy a cool theme that takes care of the basic SEO very well and a friend of yours designed a cool logo in return for a cool beer.

Voilá! Your brand new blog is born. The first step to your business.

Now you have to write content. That’s tough because you will need to be consistent and write very often. But what the heck! Nobody said this would be easy.

If you want to make good money off your blog some day, you will have to work hard. You need traffic and visitors and then you will be able to sell ads space… –> Ouch! Mistake #1

First month blogging flies. So far you’ve accomplished your goal. You’ve written and posted 2-3 times a week every single week. Long enough, now let’s check the stats.

What does Google Analytics say?

Hmmm, not only my mom and dad are reading me. 10 visitors a day. That’s cool. It’s only my first month.

Then the second month ends and the stats are not much better. Sure, you doubled your visitors, but 20 a day is not big deal.

The third month you work your ass of to increase your traffic. You actually check your stats more and more often, analyze traffic sources and buy the coolest plugin to increase your Social Media activity. $47, ouch! It’s okay, you’re investing in your blog…

Google is already sending you some organic traffic. Those cool articles you posted are starting to pay off. Still poor traffic though.

If I don’t get visitors I can’t make money from ads. Oh, but maybe I can make money from affiliate offers. I only need people to see me as the authority guy, the go-to person. Then they’ll trust me and they’ll follow my recommendations. –> Hint: Mistake #2

So, you go back to reading blogs and learning new skills. Current goal: to become the expert in your niche.

Time keeps running fast and you are still far from being the authority. Self-doubt is present almost every day and quitting seems the wisest alternative now. Maybe not totally, but at least taking a break from your blog.

Inspiration is gone and motivation too. What’s the point in writing when nobody reads you?

You’ve done your best, for sure. You knew it was going to be hard but you never thought it would be so unrewarding. After months working and learning from successful bloggers you feel you’ve lost your time and the motivation to start a new business online –> Ouch! Mistake #3

Why aren’t you making any money from your blog?

Have you thought that maybe the problem is not the blog itself but the reasons why you are blogging?

Go back and check the 3 mistakes I’ve marked.

You started a blog to make money off it. When your plan didn’t work you tried to make money off it again, just in a different way. And when you failed completely you lost your motivation for business.

That’s the problem. Blogging for money is terribly hard. Only a few get to do it successfully. 

And I’ll go beyond. Like my friend Ameena Falchetto says, your blog is not a business.

Then, Why do people blog?

Because blogging is an powerful tool.

The benefits of blogging are endless. It helps you to:

  • Build a brand
  • Launch a business (a real one, not another blog)
  • Promote yourself
  • Create opportunities
  • Create a community or a network

A blog is a business card, not an ATM.

Stop blogging for the wrong reasons.

Now think about the goals you really want to achieve in your life or your career and see how a blog can help you reach them.



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I'm Cristina. I am a 33 year-old entrepreneur. In the last few years I've learned that in order to build a successful business and make money first you have to conquer your own mind. Follow me on Twitter

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