Why A Mastermind Group Is Critical to your Business Success

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“I attribute a lot of my success as an online entrepreneur to my participation in mastermind groups. I can honestly say that without mastermind groups, I would not be where I’m at today”. Pat Flynn   ID 10039631 Why A Mastermind Group Is Critical to your Business Success

That’s how Pat Flynn starts one of his posts about mastermind groups.

What a Mastermind Group can do for you

I’ve already talked about the loneliness of the online entrepreneur. You’re pushing hard, working 10+ hours a day, alone, at your home-office, your kitchen table or your bedroom. Some weeks you don’t see the difference between weekdays and weekends because in your micro-world all days are the same.

Only the occasional visit to the closest Starbucks or the gym helps you break the routine. However, when doubt arises or fear hits you hard; when you can’t find the answers you need to push your business to the next level, the nicest cup of coffee won’t be enough to comfort you.

Sure your family is great. They support you and give you the motivation to go on every morning. And your friends. They even listen to you ranting about web traffic, customers, conversions, Google rankings… But how can they help you solve the problem that’s been bugging you lately? Would you ask them to brainstorm ideas for your business? Of course not, because they don’t know the details of your work. Most of the time they won’t know what you’re talking about.

You need to surround yourself with like-minded people that can offer you advice and hold you accountable in order to reach your business goals and generate wealth for you and your family.

That’s exactly what a mastermind group is for.

A mastermind group means challenge, commitment, raising the bar, real progress, reaching goals, overcoming fears, brainstorming ideas and much more.

“No two minds ever come together without, thereby, creating a third, invisible, intangible force which may be likened to a third mind.” Napoleon Hill.

Energy is contagious. That’s probably one of the hidden keys of mastermind groups.


How To Get The Most Out of Your Mastermind Group

1. Let go of the fear of looking like an idiot to people who don’t know you

You are the only one who think you’re an idiot. The rest of the members of the group will listen to you and give you support.

Everybody will open themselves to the group. You’re not the only one who’s going to be “exposed”. All members of the group will respect and be respected.

2. Have a clear goal in mind

What do you want to achieve through the mastermind group? Some people will need ideas to take their business to the next level while others just need reassurance or praise.

Whatever it is you need, share it with the group from the first moment.

3. Be committed

I should have said this one in the first place. Commitment is absolutely essential, indispensable.

Everybody starts motivated and ready to eat the world. But the truth is that many people can’t keep their commitment and end up giving up soon or skipping meetings too often.

If you have any doubt or you know it will be difficult to attend the meetings regularly it’s better not to join the group in the first place.

4. Be active

Some people find difficult to speak and open themselves to the group. They end up only listening and hardly participating in the dynamics of the group. Not only they don’t get the most out of the experience but their attitude affects the energy of the group.

The success of the mastermind group resides on the participation of all members. Keep that in mind.

5. Be generous

Help others and give your honest opinion. Reciprocation is key. All members teach and learn at the same time. The more you give to others the more you will get back from them.

“If you’re serious about wanting to achieve high levels of success, you need to join a mastermind group”. Yeah, Pat Flynn again


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