Why It is so difficult to make money online for some people when it seems so easy for others

by Cristina Ansbjerg | Follow Cristina on Twitter

ID 10019186 300x199 Why It is so difficult to make money online for some people when it seems so easy for others

Possibly the most “relatable” story across the Internet is the one of the online entrepreneur who has tried many different ways to make money but he or she hasn’t made a dime yet.

The luckiest ones have made some money here and there, but nothing to brag about.

Why is it so difficult to make money online for some people when it seems so easy for others?

If you are struggling to make money, first of all start analyzing your acts and be honest to yourself.

For example:  What systems/techniques /business models have you put into practice?

Go case by case and find out the reason why each of them didn’t work:

  • Did you try long enough? You’d be surprised of how many people try something for a few weeks, then give up and get frustrated because they didn’t make any money. All businesses need time. There are not get-rich-quick schemes that really work. If you don’t stick long enough you’re not giving your business a chance to start producing money.
  • Did you really know how to do the job? Maybe the problem was that your keyword research wasn’t good enough. Or you underrated your competition. In cases like this what you need is to keep trying and learning to improve your skills. Nobody’s born with all the knowledge imprinted in their mind.

Your failures are not vain. Without them you wouldn’t really know your weaknesses or what areas you need to improve. Nobody creates the perfect business at first try.

When successful people say you have to learn from your failures, they mean it

If you just turn page and go to the next best thing (business) without analyzing what went wrong, most probably you will make the same mistakes again.

Now, don’t take this the wrong way. The purpose is not to blame yourself and increase the feeling of guilt for failing or to call yourself a loser. That’s even worse than turning page.

The key is honesty.

Don’t lie to yourself thinking that the reason why your business failed was bad luck , the evil Google, the bad economy, your business partner, etc.

Be aware of your mistakes, don’t blame external forces.

If Google slapped your sites after the last update, don’t blame Google. You are the one who didn’t follow the rules. You’re the one who invested a ton of money in blog networks to build backlinks, for example.

Did you have a good reason to do it? Probably yes. You didn’t want to wait 8 months to see relevant rankings. You wanted to do it quickly, everybody was doing it.

But you knew -or should’ve known- that Google don’t accept backlinks that are not natural and any minute they might penalize you.

With this example, what I want you to see is that when you blame external forces (Google or whoever), when you simply justify your mistakes or when all you do is complain about others, you are not learning the lesson.

You are passing the responsibility on to the external force. Your mind moves on.  Therefore, you will most probably make the same mistakes again.

Instead of blog networks, this time you’ll look for the best next tactic to keep building backlinks fast. And when Google takes it down in a few months you’ll complain again about how evil they are.

That’s a wrong mindset. It’s counterproductive.

What you should do is to focus on the root of the problem and adopt a more positive mindset.

Only when you assume your mistakes you can work towards a solution

You might not like Google rules (I don’t like them). You might think they are unfair (I believe they are). But these are the rules of the game right now and it’s not in your hands to change them.

Play according to the rules or accept the risk involved in breaking them without drama.

In this Google example, you would have 2 options:

A. You decide to take the risk of building backlinks in a way that Google don’t look at with good eyes. In this case just focus on making all the money you can while you can.  BUT… don’t be surprised when Google closes the tap. Provide for when that happens.


B. You decide that the risk is not worth it. Then, adopt a long-term strategy and play by the rules. Change your business model to something more authoritative or maybe “Google-proofed”.

In both cases you’ll be ready for the next Google algorithm update.

Successful people don’t blame external forces. They accept responsibility for their own mistakes and learn from them.

Complaining and blaming others is only a way to hide your responsibility.

Now, the next question would be,

Why are you trying to avoid your responsibility?

I don’t have statistics to back this up, but in my own experience in most of the cases the problem is you don’t believe in your own success.

You want to succeed but deep inside you don’t believe you can do it. “It’s too difficult”, “It’s more difficult than I expected”, “I thought I had the skills but I was wrong”, “I’m not like other people, I don’t have their determination”, etc.

In some other cases, the problem may be that you are afraid that others will find out you are a failure because you couldn’t make your business work.

Once again let me say this: be honest to yourself. What are the true reasons why you are blaming others?

Dig deep.

In all the situations I’ve described above, before trying to fix your business, find a fix for your own weaknesses. Sometimes your mindset is all.


1. First of all, think of what went wrong in your last business (or what is going wrong in your current business).

Now think what actions you would have done to change the situation if you could go back in time.

2. Share this post on Google+, Twitter and/or Facebook if you think you’ve learned something. Thanks.

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 Why It is so difficult to make money online for some people when it seems so easy for othersAbout

I'm Cristina. I am a 33 year-old entrepreneur. In the last few years I've learned that in order to build a successful business and make money first you have to conquer your own mind. Follow me on Twitter

pixel Why It is so difficult to make money online for some people when it seems so easy for others


Joseph Archibald May 10, 2012 at 8:14 am

I think its fine to blame external forces for what’s going wrong with your business, but once you are done blaming, pick up what’s left and move along swiftly.

If you are really passionate about your business and you want for success badly enough (success comes in many guises, not merely enlarging your bank account) you’ll do what’s necessary to get to where you want to go.

But by all means spend a bit of time venting your frustrations and by all means buy a T-shirt that says “I hate Google”. I have 10 of these T-shirts, all in different colours ;-)

By the way Cristina – what’s the Let’s Connect plugin you have there in your right side bar? And does it take a tech genius to set it up? Looks cool!

Joseph Archibald recently posted..6000+ Unique Visitors in One Month – to a 10 Week Old Blog

Cristina Ansbjerg May 10, 2012 at 9:26 am

You can vent as much as you want as long as you don’t adopt the “Why is is this happening to me now?” mentality. You know you rely on Google and Google as a “business partner” is not reliable. Accept the risk from day one or move on. Either way, don’t blame anybody else for your decisions. The sooner you understand that, the sooner you’ll start looking for alternatives to diversify your business model.

So, you like the plugin? It’s actually not a plugin. It’s hand made. But you don’t need to be a genius, LOL. Do you want one?

Joseph Archibald May 10, 2012 at 10:23 am

I ask “why is it happening to me now” every day, LOLz! In fact, the risks where reliance on Google is concerned are much greater now than they have ever been. Used to be fairly easy to hold rankings a while back – that’s obviously not at all the case any longer.

Erm – hand made? Looks COOL! Yes, I WANT ONE! Let me have one!
Joseph Archibald recently posted..Piggy-back off Authority Sites

Cristina Ansbjerg May 10, 2012 at 10:59 am

Consider it done :D

Diego May 11, 2012 at 2:13 am

…Seriously? :O
Diego recently posted..Do you want to become a Software Developer?

Cristina Ansbjerg May 11, 2012 at 1:58 pm

Hi Diego,
I’m not sure what you mean.
Long time no talk. How are you doing?

Diego May 11, 2012 at 5:38 pm

My comment was related to the statement “Yes, I WANT ONE! Let me have one!”, related to your text widget. The meaning is “it’s a simple set of fairly standard html tags, which can be copied from this page, there isn’t much to be sent”.

Regarding your other question, not much has changed since we talked last time. I’m trying to collaborate with a small startup to earn something, after about a year of zero income, but my little daughter, who is growing fast, demands more and more attention. It’s extremely hard to do some work on something as idiotic as Magento ecommerce while she “tries to get hurt” exploring the house. Organizational skills are under immense pressure, nowadays! :)
Diego recently posted..Overview of a Developer’s Career – What Software Development is not

Cristina Ansbjerg May 11, 2012 at 5:57 pm

Many people don’t know anything about html. They don’t know how to build a simple text widget or where to look to copy it. What you find so easy it’s a headache for many people.
This happens to be the case. Joseph is not interested in learning html. Now, ask him about SEO and ranking sites.

Joseph Archibald May 10, 2012 at 11:18 am

Thank you kindly :-) !!
Joseph Archibald recently posted..A Google SAFE way for Making Money Fast!

Joseph Archibald May 12, 2012 at 4:29 am

Yeah, I’m a “tech-no-phobe” for sure, which makes it somewhat surprising that I managed to learn the SEO game. Fortunately I have folks like Cristina who can help me with the techie stuff. I agree with you Diego – SEO is the most boring of tasks, but the game is now changing and its becoming more of a social pursuit, which makes it far more interesting since its very much about engaging with other people online.
Joseph Archibald recently posted..Harness the Power of Pinterest – its the Coolest “New” Tool on the Block!

Steve@Affiliate Marketing Tips May 15, 2012 at 8:43 pm


This is some great advice.

I have always been a proponent of learning more from mistakes and missteps than from very minor successes. (after all who is going to complain about HUGE successes).

It is essential to really understand your mistakes, own them and move on. But when you do this every failure just becomes a stepping stone to future successes,

Let’s face it, “overnight success” in any field is just about impossible. Someone who pans for gold, may go make the discovery that changes his life in one day.. But first you have to get the gold field, then learn everything about panning for gold, and then likely try and fail for a while before you get it right.

Okay, the analogy ended weaker than it was in my head. ;)
Steve@Affiliate Marketing Tips recently posted..The Shocking Truth About Niche Sites [a 1,027 Word Manifesto]

Cristina Ansbjerg May 15, 2012 at 10:57 pm

I get you analogy, don’t worry.
I’m a big fan of the TV show “Gold Rush Alaska” on Discovery Channel. Don’t know if you’ve heard about it.
I like it for many reasons, but one of them is because of the similarities with the internet marketing niche.
The miners spend more time buying, operating, tweaking and repairing tools and machines than panning for gold. One of the crews invested 250K to only end up profiting 8k per person after the whole summer season.

Ameena Falchetto May 21, 2012 at 10:11 am

One thing that drives me nuts about online business is people think it’s the “easiest” thing to do. Sure, the barrier to entry is so low, it’s cheap and depending on who you listen to, the interwebs are paved with gold. Thing is business is business, online or offline. The same rules need to be applied.

Good solid advice here Cristina, yes, stick at it, be realistic and work your butt off … no cheap tricks here to get rich quick … it’s a commitment.
Ameena Falchetto recently posted..How do I find my voice online?

Cristina Ansbjerg May 21, 2012 at 10:45 am

Yes, it happens to me too. It’s so easy to make money… if it was so easy there wouldn’t be so much people struggling.
Thanks for stopping by, Ameena.

Diego May 21, 2012 at 12:07 pm

That’s an excellent poit, Ameena. Anybody who’s thinking of putting up an online business should ask himself “would I do it, if the costs were exactly the same, but it was a physical, brick and mortar shop?”. It’s a good rule of thumb, and it’s surprising how many people answer “no”.
Diego recently posted..Overview of a Developer’s Career – What Software Development is not

Diego May 11, 2012 at 9:49 pm

That’s most probably the case. I’m an example of the opposite. SEO became full of “dirty tricks” (typical example, backlink building for SEO’s sake), so I dedicate my time to something more interesting… And much less profitable.
It’s the same old story, marketing is the key of everything. Unfortunately, I can’t think of anything more boring… I guess none of my websites will ever get popular, but I can live with that, as long as I like them. :)
Diego recently posted..Overview of a Developer’s Career – What Software Development is not

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