The Real Reason Why You Are Not Reaching Your Goals

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Have you had one of those moments of inspiration when you know exactly what you have to do and how to do it? ID 10078952 The Real Reason Why You Are Not Reaching Your Goals

The adrenaline flows. The feeling is amazing.

It’s the perfect moment to write down the steps you have to do to move your business to the next level.

Goals for this week, goals for this month, 3 month goals, etc. You are so inspired, you can see all the pieces of the puzzle getting together.

Everything’s going to work. All you have to do is follow the plan.

Black clouds on the horizon

But something’s not going as it should. You know exactly what you have to do. Problem is, you’re not doing it.

You always say to yourself: Today is the day!

You mean it.

“Today is the day I’m going to start researching a few big blogs in my niche to write guest posts for them. Guest posting is the best way to attract traffic and increase my subscribers. I have very good ideas. It won’t take me so long to write a couple or three amazing guest posts. This is a critical goal in my growth strategy, it’s a priority”.

Then a ton of things come up during the day. You’re very busy, genuinely busy. So, you start postponing that critical task you had planned so carefully.

Right before going to bed, you mentally take note of the tasks you will accomplish tomorrow. Today has been a busy day, you didn’t have enough time to start researching for the guest posts. You couldn’t help it. But, there’s no problem, tomorrow you’ll definitely take care of it.

The next day a similar story happens. Some days are very busy.

And the next day it happens the same, and the next…

The week’s almost over and you still haven’t accomplished your goal.

Why do you keep postponing such a critical task? It’s very important, you’re aware of that. Why do you keep procrastinating then?

Procrastination is not a problem of time management

In my experience, procrastination is not a problem of time management. We hide it behind that label, but actually there’s something else. Something more important.

Procrastination is fear.

You know you can write great posts, but what if those bloggers reject them? How are you going to drive the traffic you need to your blog?

“This is too important, I can’t fail”

I can’t fail.

Those words travel to the deepest areas of your brain and prevent you from researching and writing the guest post in the first place.

It’s very easy:  No post > No chance to be rejected > No fail.

How to stop procrastinating

First of all be aware that what’s stopping you from doing what you know you have to do, is not the lack of time.

It’s not that you are lazy. It’s not that you don’t know how to do it.

The real reason why you procrastinate is FEAR.

Fear of failure, rejection, not being good enough, success.

Here’s what you should do:

1. Put your fear in perspective

This is something that I learned from Jaime Tardy, from Eventual It’s one of the most powerful techniques I’ve learned.

The things that cause you fear or anxiety now will be very small in 2, 3 years, when you look back and remember them.

Think of something that made your feel scare in the past. I mean, something like your wedding day, your first speech in public, the first time you had to call a customer, first time you went to a job interview, etc.

Can you now see that it wasn’t so difficult?

“Whether I feel like an idiot when I said something wrong in a meeting with very important people, doesn’t matter in the long run […]. Everything we experience is temporary. So live your life the best you possibly can.

[…] Your fear is holding back your business”

(Jamie Tardy,  Eventual Millionaire)

2. Put yourself out there

Go and write that guest post, call that prospect, send that email you.

What’s the worst thing that can happen? You’re not going to go backwards. Facing the fear is winning a battle. Regardless the outcome.

If your guest post gets rejected, you’ll try again. With a different post or in a different blog. It doesn’t matter.

Being rejected doesn’t mean you’re not good enough. It only means you have to try again and be better, faster, deeper…

Isn’t that improving? That’s how one learns from failure. Trying again and doing it better this time.

When fear arises, only two things can happen. Either you fight it or you feed it. If you don’t fight it, you’re feeding it.

Are you battling your fears or making them bigger? Let us know.


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