Don’t Get Caught In The Dream

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This morning I found on my RSS reader Pat Flynn’s last post, “I’m fine, thanks”ExpertPolaroidsCollection Dont Get Caught In The Dream

“I’m fine, thanks” is a documentary by Adam Baker (Man vs Debt) and others about  “the moment people realize the life they’re living is not the life that’s true to their heart… and, as a result, what they decide to do about it!”

Their goal is to “give thousands of people inspiration to live their lives based on their own hopes and dreams – not someone else’s vision or script for their life. We want to push people to take the first small action to reignite their passions.”

I’ve only seen the trailer, since the documentary is not finished yet. It looks promising.

The filming is done but the project has just started a Kickstarter campaign to collect the funds they need to edit, produce, release, and distribute it.

You can see the trailer here. Check it out and consider if it’s worth a pledge. I think it is.

You can back the project on Kickstarter clicking here.

I’m not American, but this video resonates with me because the same story is happening in Europe. Even worse.

Get your college degree, work hard for 45+ years and only then, when you’re 65 (now 70) you can enjoy life.

I respect people who decide to follow this path, I started it myself ten years ago. However, there’s a big flaw in this plan:

Where are the jobs? Where did the jobs go?

Whether you want that life or not, the old dream is broken.

Does it mean we can’t dream of a better life any more?

No way!  We just need to find a way to replace the dream. Find your own way, your own dream.

Just one little thing:

Don’t get caught in the dream.

Hmmm… that’s not quite what I mean. Let me try again:

Get caught in the dream, but don’t forget that behind the dream there’s a lot of freaking hard work. It doesn’t seem so hard when you like what you do. But it is.

Dream of freedom, yes. But don’t forget to work for it.

Now, go get started on that task you’ve been postponing for so long.



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