Case Study: Learn How a 21 Year-old guy Makes Consistently $10k+ per month. Meet Sean King

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About CopySean Case Study: Learn How a 21 Year old guy Makes Consistently $10k+ per month. Meet Sean KingIn this post I’m going to share with you the case study of a 21 year old college student from California who -not only makes consistently $10k+ per month- but also has many lessons to share, in spite his young age.

His name is Sean King.

He’s a friendly and open guy who accepted very kindly to be interviewed for Optima-Lifestyle. I’ve chosen him for this first interview (there will be more coming soon) because Sean’s story is the kind of motivation that some people need to go on.

That’s the reason behind his blog. CopySean is not about copywriting (like I thought before visiting the site).  In Sean’s words:

I believe the quickest way to success is to “copy” what’s working for sites that are already reaching the goals you have for yourself. And when I say “copy,” I mean taking the factors of a successful site and uniquely applying the concepts to your own project.

CopySean is my online journal where I publish the inside scoop behind the success of my online business. (Free for you to “copy” – not plagiarize! lol)

How I met Sean King

If you saw a comment on a blog that you read regularly, saying this:

Sean king Case Study: Learn How a 21 Year old guy Makes Consistently $10k+ per month. Meet Sean King

Would you click through and check the commenter’s site?

I’m pretty sure you would. Even if it’s only to see whether it’s true that he makes 5 figures a month or it’s just a bait.

That comment drove a number of visitors to Sean King’s blog, I wasn’t the only one. Beyond pure curiosity, a guy making 5 figures a month is usually worth reading.

So, yes, I visited and I can say it’s worthwhile.

Most of the people will be amazed by Sean’s monthly revenue and the fact that a 21 year old college student is making a significant amount of money without SEO -his money-making site has zero backlinks.

It’s impressive, of course. However, I’m more amazed by Sean’s mindset and determination to succeed. As an example, at some point, he was making $500/month with one website but he decided to give up (more about that in the interview below).

His blog doesn’t focus entirely on the 10k he makes. Sean narrates in his posts the path he followed before he reached the point where he is at now. That includes his previous failures, the lessons he learned from them and how those lessons drove him to his current niche.

Sean is living proof that there’s another way to do things (remember, he doesn’t rely on Google or SEO) and how caring about your customers is key:

I’ve grown a community that really help one another and feel a sense of belonging. That’s what it’s all about. This site has taught me more about relationships and how to make money online than any other course, blog, or guru ever has or probably ever will.

Here’s the short interview.

Sean King, the interview

Sean, these are your words:

 “For some reason I KNEW I would be successful one day. I had the motivation, drive, and determination to do it. It was just a matter of time.”

Where does a 21 year old college guy get that motivation and determination from?
I grew up in a very, very poor family. My father left my family when I was very young leaving my mother, my sister, and me in a very rough financial situation. At just 13 years old, I began to understand that although I was the youngest in my family, I was the man of the house. Growing up we had a very rough lifestyle so I was determined more than ANYTHING to change that around and provide both my mom and my sister with the comfortable lifestyle that they deserve. My crazy obsession with providing them and myself a better life is what led me no other choice but to succeed.

With your poster website, you were making $100 a week. Almost $500 a month. However, you decided to give up. Why did you do it?  Is your goal to be rich?
I never intended to give it up entirely. I wanted to keep that project and build another business as well. What happened was that once I was making $500 a month, I realized the potential in making money online. I had a silly poster idea that was generating great money for me so I figured that a great idea could probably generate amazing money. This led me to start ventures in other ideas to potentially “make me rich.” As I began to put my time into other projects, I got too side-tracked to maintain my poster business. This taught me the importance of FOCUS and only building ONE website until it reaches your financial goals.

Something that called my attention is the way you manage your social media activity. You run your Twitter and Tumblr campaigns from school because 2pm or 4pm is your best hour. Then you run your Facebook campaigns around 9pm for the same reason.
That’s very clever and there’s a lesson here. To adapt your social media activity to your results, not to your comfort (many people do it the opposite way).
How did you learn what the most effective hours where for you? How do you monitor it?
It’s very easy and much more convenient to automate your social media activity. However, in my opinion, it’s not worth the potential results you miss out on because of it, especially in the growing stage of your business. I tested each of my time slots in increments of 2 hours for one month (ranging from 8AM to Midnight). I then clearly saw much more activity in certain hours of the day but also found that the times differed among social networks. I would judge this by the amount of likes, shares, comments, retweets, replies, and reblogs a post would get. It’s tedious work, but now that I know my golden times, the efforts were well worth it. Each of my posts on Facebook gets well over 1,000 likes EVERY time!

I’m looking forward to your upcoming post titled “How I Am Able To Rank and Make Money With ZERO Backlinks”
I suspect it has to do with Social Media and building a community. Can you give us a sneak peek?
Sure! I have absolutely zero link building efforts to my authority site. Mostly because I’m lazy when it comes to it and the amount of work required is quite intimidating and daunting. But it didn’t matter to me because I don’t rely on Google  AT ALL for traffic or making money. However, recently, I saw that I was getting a decent amount of traffic (about 200 a day) from Google and further investigation showed that I was ranking well for some competitive keywords (ranging from 2-10 on google). I have a hunch that social media is beginning to play a larger role in SEO because while I have absolutely no backlinks, each of my posts generate on average somewhere between 1,000 to 3,000 shares on Facebook.

I said four questions but I’ve added a new one in the last minute. I hope you don’t mind. I’ve seen some people trying to press you to reveal the URL of your niche site. How do you handle that criticism?
It doesn’t bother me at all. I created in hopes to show aspiring entrepreneurs that there isn’t “one correct path” to finding success online. I think my experience was very unique and worth sharing. I don’t necessarily want to teach people, but rather help people. So when people press me about revealing my URL, I don’t feel ready to bring on more competition (not until I at least feel like  I am dominating my niche). For readers who don’t see the value in my posts because I don’t reveal my URL, I think they’re missing out on the point. I don’t think revealing my URL will make any person more of an action taker than they already aren’t, haha.

Sean’s blog is full of golden nuggets. Visit him You can also follow him on Twitter CopySean.

 Case Study: Learn How a 21 Year old guy Makes Consistently $10k+ per month. Meet Sean KingAbout

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