My name is Cristina. No “h” although you can call me Christina, with “h” if you want to. I’ve been called worse things -not too often because generally I’m a nice person who doesn’t deserve being called names :-D.  rayas cara About

In the last 3 years I’ve made money in many different ways. You can read more about it here. I’ve been kind of a Jane of all trades for two reasons:

  1. I can’t stop learning new skills. It’s my nature. I love it.
  2. I didn’t know what I wanted or how to get it. Trying new business models and learning different skills was the only way to find out.

I’ve done SEO, Web design, content writing, copywriting, consulting, etc. I’ve also run a brick and mortar business. An audiovisual translation company.

Now I definitely can say that I know my strengths and my weaknesses. I also know where I have room for improvement and what bores me to tears.

The problem when you do so many and so different things is that you end up wasting a lot of time and resources. That’s why I’ve decided to stop wandering around and focus.

I’m starting a business with my sister -she’s brilliant in her field and I bring the technical skills.

That’s not my only project. I have recently started publishing ebooks. So far I love it. As an avid reader, publishing books is like a dream come true. There’s room to grow in the publishing industry if that’s what you want.

How can Optima-Lifestyle help you?

I usually try to share what I learn about running my own businesses. Lessons from my experience that you can apply to yourself.

Whether my content is useful or not, you will decide. My goal is to raise the bar every day. My purpose is to help entrepreneurs.

I don’t monetize this blog. Whenever I recommend a product or a person is because I genuinely believe it’s good. I don’t need to promote others expecting they will promote me.

I do have affiliate links sometimes. I don’t think affiliate marketing is evil or wrong (unless you do it without any sense of ethics). At this point I would say that 1% of all my links are affiliate.

I do have a list. I’ve never sent any promotion through it. I don’t think email marketing is bad. Actually email marketing is powerful and you should try it. However, Optima-Lifestyle’s Email list has no commercial intentions. I offer free advice or share useful content. If at any point that changes, I’ll let you know and make sure you can unsubscribe before getting any “buy this” email.

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